Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lost treasure found...

Today was a good day.  God was definitely smiling on Cassie.  J
First, this morning, in an unsuccessful search for my missing iPad, I accidentally found my missing Ray Bans.  And just in time to take with me to Milwaukee!  Of course I have my classic gold-framed aviator Ray Bans that I wear all the time, then I have a pair of black and silver Pradas that I mostly just wear for play.  Brett jokingly said one day while we were floating down Spring Creek in a canoe, “You’re the only girl I know who would wear Pradas on a fishing trip.”  I take that as a compliment.  J
But these Ray Bans are different.  They have polarized lenses and they are the perfect size for my little face.  And the frames are plastic and tortoise shell which is perfect for either when I wear brown instead of black or when I want to dress down a little.  Brett gave them to me.  Okay, really, Brett gave me all three of my fancy pairs of sunglasses.  He’s pretty fantastic.  These I picked out though.  I love my aviators, but they started out as his that I stole before I dropped them in the lake and he had to order me a new pair all the way from Italy (a whole other story).  The Pradas were also his.  I’m not sure why he gave them to me.  He just found them one day in his closet and said, “Here, do you want these?”  Who says no to that?  But these brown ones I picked out at Sunglass Hut at the mall.  I had planned to have Brett order them for me and actually pay him for them, but I missed the order deadline.  So I thought I was out of luck.  But then he surprised me with them at the beginning of the summer.  I was so excited.  The only proof that I’ve actually had them that long is a photo taken Memorial Day weekend where I am wearing them.  Then… they went missing.  L 
I looked all over for them, but couldn’t find them anywhere.  The only relief I had was that I knew they were at least in their case which would keep them from getting all scratched up.  Then today, three months after I’d last seen them, I found them in a box of random stuff in my spare bedroom.  Now, it’s no secret that my house is a construction zone and pretty well a disaster, but even still it is very unusual for me to put something away like that and then forget about it, being that I usually remember everything… no seriously, I have the memory of a very smart elephant.  Anyway, I opened the box looking for the iPad and found the sunglasses instead.  Yay! 
I was so excited that I just pretty much gave up even looking for the old iPad.  Even though it is my City-issued iPad and if I don’t find it, I will have to buy it… and even though it’s been missing for two whole months… and even though it has been very difficult to follow along in City Council meetings without it… the excitement of the sunglasses made me temporarily forget about how bad I needed to find the iPad.
But as I was sitting at work getting all my stuff together for my trip in Milwuakee I kept thinking about how nice it would be to have my iPad for the conference.  So my mind went back to all the places I have already looked (which is basically everywhere), and tried to think of anywhere else it might possibly be that I had not yet looked.  Then I remembered seeing a plastic Walmart bag in the corner in that room.  At first glance I thought it was my Wii because I had put it in a plastic bag to keep the construction dust off of it.  But then I remembered that the Wii was actually in a Walgreens bag (memory of an elephant).  So when I went home at lunch, I went straight for that Walmart bag… Halleluiah!  There it was.  The missing iPad, its charger and randomly, a box of Reese’s Pieces and some empty manila file folders.  I put the file folders in my filing cabinet and threw the plastic bag and the Reese’s Pieces away (I was afraid they might be melted and two-month-old melted candy is the last thing I need).  The iPad case was a little dusty, but nothing I can’t clean.  It is currently charging in my office getting ready for its resurrection trip to Wisconsin. 
So… now I have my sunglasses.  And I don’t have to buy the City a new iPad.  I think that adds up to a great day.  J  While I’m enjoying the bliss of locating both of my long-lost treasures, I am mentally making a note to deep clean that spare room when I get home to see what else I might find.  J

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  1. Yay! I'm glad you found it! And the sunglasses too :) I wish I could charge my iPad...it has been out of commission for the past few days because I left my charger at Sarah's house. Boo :(