Friday, September 9, 2011

My last GRAND weekend of the summer...

As promised, here is my "catching up on the past three weeks blog"... part two…
But first, I want to include another picture from the family float trip.  Brett just emailed it to me and I love it.  This is my sassy little niece Brooklynn.
She is such a little diva.
Anyway, back to Saturday…
After they let me leave the United Way fundraiser breakfast early, I came home, finished packing for the lake and laid down for a little nap.  It was still early.  And I was still tired.  So I slept while I waited on Brett to get up and come over.  When he got there, he woke me up and we went to eat at Boomarang, our favorite breakfast spot. 
Since I thought I’d still be at the fundraiser, we were a little ahead of schedule, so I asked him if we could stop by the High School Football Stadium.  My nephew Jaxon had his first football game that day.  So we stopped by to cheer on the little second grade Zebras before heading to the lake.  I can’t wait until Brooklynn is old enough to be a little cheerleader for the little Zebras.  Aunt Cassie plans to teach her everything she needs to know.  J
We left from the game and headed to Grand Lake.  We got to the Riff’s cabin right on time.  We hung out and talked with everyone for a little bit and then we loaded up the boat and headed to Dripping Springs.  It was just five of us… Jerad, Jamie, Russ, Brett and myself.
me and Jamie
the boys
me and Brett
I had a really fun time.  Russ’s party raft, which we call “The Friend Maker,” definitely did its job.  It was soon filled with seven girls from the boat next to us.  I crawled down in there with them and quickly learned that they were all dentists from Kansas City.  They were on Ginger’s boat.  I had never met Ginger, but being that it really is a small world after all, it turns out that I knew her through two degrees of separation.  My friend Jill (the one who came for sorority recruitment) is good friends with Ginger.  Jill and I always seem to miss each other at Grand, but she always tells me that she is with Ginger.  So I finally met Ginger.  It was fun to make the connection and so, naturally, we took a picture.
Ginger and me
I had fun with Ginger and her boat full of dentists.  They even gave me a tramp stamp. 
Who doesn’t love a butterfly in the small of their back…
Don't worry, it was only temporary.  I scrubbed it off a couple days later. 
Jerad also got one.  His was on his chest and said “Beautiful.”  J
Jamie and Beautiful :)
We came in from Dripping at about the usual time and joined up with the rest of the crew… Russ’s wife Amy and their daughter, Russ’s parents and then our friends Cheryl and Mike.  We all took the boat to Oliver’s Twist for a little dinner on the water.  It was nice.  I had macaroni and cheese.  And it was delicious.  I also ate a little of Brett’s all-you-can-eat catfish.  Shh, don’t tell anyone.  J
After dinner, we went and got cleaned up so that we could go out for a little dancing, which for those of you who don’t know, is my absolute favorite activity.  J  Russ, Brett and I went to Ugly’s first and then to Mooney’s to dance the night away.  Brett is a really good dance partner and I had a lot of fun.  And I enjoyed the nighttime boat ride home.  Even though we let Russ drive us.  J
It wasn’t too terribly late when we finally made it back to the cabin, but with the sun and the dancing, we slept hard.  Sunday we all got up early so the whole crew could go to breakfast together at Harbor’s View.  I opted to go with pancakes as opposed to my normal cinnamon roll.  They were pretty good. 
After breakfast, we went back, packed our stuff, got the cabin cleaned up and the boat loaded on the trailer and headed home.  All in all, even though it was a short lake trip, it was one of the better ones.  It was a nice, relaxing, fun time and I was so glad I got to spend one more weekend up there before the summer comes to an end.
Sunday we just spent the day relaxing, napping, eating, etc., until it was time to head back to Jerad’s house.  He and Jamie had invited us over for dinner.  We played a little washers with the group, ate dinner with everyone and then when the girls at the party started planning their upcoming trip to Kansas City, Brett and I excused ourselves and took the opportunity to borrow Jerad’s bedroom TV to catch up on True Blood.  I really do love that show.  Hard to believe it’s almost over.
Sunday was a good end to a good weekend.  Then Monday the craziness started all over again.  Oh well, work hard, play harder, right?  J

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