Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm back...

Just in case you were worried, I am actually alive.  Sorry for slacking on the blog.  I have had a crazy, stressful roller coaster of the last few weeks.  I haven’t thought of anything worth blogging about.  But since I’m starting to have people actually scold me for not writing anything, I thought I better make a comeback fast. 
So a few things you have missed out on since I’ve been slacking…
In late August, my family went on a float trip down the Illinois River for my sister’s 10th anniversary of her 21st birthday.  J  It was a good time.  I wish I had more pictures, but I stupidly never got my camera out.  My little sister sent me some and I am still waiting on some others but I’ll give you a few. 
My beautiful sisters… the one on the left was the birthday girl.
Mom and Laurney Cakes
Group picture

Me and Laurney Cakes

Our raft... working on my tan while the men do the work  :)
We had a good group… 15 of us all together… all three of my sisters, my mom, my aunt Kathy, my nephew and niece, my brother in law and his sister’s boyfriend, my sister’s best friend and her son, Brett and his mom and dad.  Time with my family is never short of a few intense moments.  We had a few crazy moments where I thought someone might die.  Only one of which was due to dangers on the river (and a whole lot of stupid).  The rest were all due to heightened emotions.  I love my family.  We are most definitely a passionate bunch.  J  I worry that Brett’s parents think he is hanging out with a bunch of crazed idiots.  But at least they know that we treat him like he’s part of us and we’d tag team anyone who tried to hurt him.  J
Anyway, the float trip was ultimately a good time spent with the people I love.  I’m lucky to get opportunities to do things like that with my family.  Not everyone does.
After the floats were in and *almost* everyone was accounted for, Lauren hit the road to get to a bachelorette party, Sarah and her crew stayed to camp and Brett and I, his parents, my mom and aunt and Elyse went to eat at El Zarape… since it’s only in Tahlequah, we have to take advantage of it when we can. 
Then Brett and I went to see Conan the Barbarian.  I’ve never seen the original, but I’m told this guy has nothing on Arnold.  It was pretty cheesy and a little too bloody for my taste.  The cheesy line from the preview was even cheesier in the actual movie and most definitely got a laugh from Cassie… “I live, I love, I slay and I am content.”  Really, Conan?  That was deep.

See?  A little bloody...
Brett and I made it back to Claremore a little late and due to our sun exposure we were exhausted.  That warranted sleeping in a little and going to the late church service Sunday.
The next week was kind of a blur.  I was crazy busy all week.  The Alpha Sigma Alpha Chapter at RSU had their Fall Recruitment and since I am their Chapter Advisor I am obligated to go to all the events.  Which meant Monday night, Wednesday night, Thursday night and Friday night were consumed with sorority life. 
RSU Recruitment Week
I had Tuesday off since it was just information night so I took advantage of that and taped off my living room.  I was having the sheetrock taped, finished and textured in my living room later that week so I needed to get the windows, fireplace, baseboards, etc. taped off.  Brett came and helped and after a long night of work, we finally got it done.  The texture looks great and after a few minor things I still need to do, I should be ready to paint any day.  Woo-hoo!
Thankfully my wonderful friend Jill came in Friday to help with preference night of recruitment because I had a bit of a personal breakdown.  Rough night.  But we did manage to get our bid list done and complete bid matching before we left.  That meant that we didn’t have to come back Saturday morning.  Yay!
The Theta Etas picked up seven new members (all but one are pictured below) during formal recruitment and have informally picked up a few more since then.  One of the girls from NSU’s chapter also transferred to RSU and affiliated with the Theta Etas.  It’s nice to have a Beta Gamma in the mix and I think she will have a lot to contribute to the still new RSU Chapter.  I love to see that the chapter is growing.  I have high hopes for them this year.
Theta Eta baby bugs
Anyway, since I got to skip out on Bid Day, I started my Saturday morning early, volunteering a little time at a United Way breakfast fundraiser, where we raised $771.  Not sure how that happened since it was $5 a plate… but way to go us!  Then Brett and I hit the road for some much-needed Grand Lake time.  It was possibly one of the best Grand Lake trips ever.  But at the risk of losing you to a super-long blog, I’ll pick up there tomorrow… and don’t worry, I’ll have lots of pictures. J

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