Monday, September 12, 2011

A weekend in the city...

After a pretty intense week last week, I decided to make a little time for myself and my friends.  And I’m so glad I did.  I had a good weekend.  I left work a little early on Friday, packed my stuff and hit the road for Edmond.  I was going to visit my friend Meredith for a little girl time.  Meredith is a little younger than me.  We actually met when I was a sophomore in college and volunteered to be a counselor at Super Summer (church camp).  She had just started high school.  She was one of my campers and I was her “mom.”  We have maintained a big/little sister type relationship since then.  I am very proud of the woman she has become. 
We started our evening with a nice dinner at a Mexican place called Alfredo’s.  I know… sounds Italian, but it’s not.  It was pretty good.  I particularly liked their queso.  It was yellow and I’m usually more partial to white queso, but it was good.  We talked a little bit, caught each other up on the latest boy drama in our lives and compassionately offered our best advice and words of encouragement to each other.  Because that’s what girlfriends do.  J
After dinner, we went back to Meredith’s house to get ready.  We had plans to go out in Bricktown.  So we straightened our hair, put on dresses and sandals and headed out.  We weren’t really sure what we wanted to do, so we just kind of started walking.  We ended up at In the Raw.  We decided that since we rarely get to see each other, instead of going out to a club or something like that, we’d rather just sit and talk.  So we sat at a small table on the patio and since we’d already eaten, decided wine was our best bet. 
I ordered a glass of my new favorite (okay, truthfully, the only wine I can even stand), Moscoto.   I don’t particularly like the taste of alcohol and I have a really hard time finding anything I can sit a enjoy drinking.  But at a wedding earlier this summer, my friend Amanda introduced me to Moscoto, which is a sweet dessert wine.  While it’s not a sweet as the fruity drinks I typically order, it gets bonus points from me because it’s wine.  I know it sounds stupid, but I have always secretly wished that I liked wine, because I think it looks much classier for a lady to slowly sip on a glass of wine rather then throw back shots or chug beer.  Or even in my case, slowly drink some bright green cocktail with a cherry in it through a straw.  Until recently, I just could never find a wine I liked.  It’s silly that it makes me feel so much more grown up to sit and enjoy wine with a girlfriend on a patio then drinking a Madori sour at the club.  But it does…
So me with my white wine and Meredith with her red (much classier, but also much yuckier) sat and continued our discussion from dinner.  It was nice.  And after a couple glasses of wine, which I did actually enjoy, I still finished the night with a cocktail.  It just tastes better.  J
at In the Raw in Bricktown
We left Bricktown and headed back to Meredith’s house.  She is actually living with her parents while she finishes her student teaching, so we got ready for bed and then sat in her mom’s bed with her mom and sister while we had a little more girl time.  Her family is really sweet.  Then Meredith and I decided to watch the Ugly Truth before bed (it seemed fitting given all the discussion of the male population), but we didn’t make it very far into the movie before we decided sleep was a better option.  J 
We woke to the sun coming through her bedroom window and laid there for a little while.  We finally got up and Meredith’s mom made us breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast and bacon.  We sat and talked with her mom and dad as we ate.  They are a very sweet family and I enjoyed both their personalities and their hospitality. 
After breakfast, I showered while Meredith sat in bed and read.  Then we switched.  It was nice and relaxing.  I rarely take time to just sit and relax, especially on a Saturday, so it was a really nice break.  Finally I got up and we got dressed and ready to go.  We weren’t really hungry because of our breakfast, so we just went to Johnnie’s for drinks (sweet tea for me and soda for her) and a shared slice of banana crème pie (which was delicious).  We stayed and talked until Meredith had to leave for work. 
Then I called Amanda.  Amanda is a sorority sister, though we were never in college together.  She just happens to be my great grand little and we have always had a bond.  She's also the one who introduced me to my new favortie wine. J  She recently moved to OKC for dental hygiene school.  So I couldn’t make a visit without seeing her as well.  She was studying when I got to her apartment (such a good little student J).  We sat and talked and caught each other up on life a little bit before she went back to the computer.  I read a book and watched a little TV while she studied.  After a few hours, we decided we were hungry, and headed to Chipotle.  We got dinner to go and took it back to her place.  We stopped by the liquor store on the way home where I bought a bottle of, you guessed it, Moscoto.  J  We ate and talked and then Amanda decided to start getting ready.  Her friend Lindsey also showed up and we all got ready together.  Frank (Amanda’s other half) came home for a bit before he went to his buddy’s house to eat.  Once we were ready and Frank and his friend Adam came back, we headed to Oktoberfest. 
No, I don’t know why they have Oktoberfest in Choctaw, and I don’t honestly care.  It was still a good time.  J  It was in Choctaw, which was really only about a half hour away.  We got there, paid our way in, bought our food and drink tickets and got our wristbands before we headed to the drink tent.  Frank, Adam and I got separated from Amanda and Lindsey while they met up with another friend, so of course we did what guys love to do and got some food. 
No idea what Frank is eating...
We did some serious people watching and had an interesting conversation about applesauce (apparently Frank is not a fan and he definitely doesn’t think it goes with potato cakes).  Then we went for a walk.  We hoped to find Amanda and Lindsey, but instead got found by “Creepy guy.”  This guy walked up to me and said, “I told you!”  Since I had never seen him before, I assumed he wasn’t talking to me and tried to walk away, at which point he started following us.  If we would stop, he would stop.  If we would walk, he would follow again.  But he never spoke to me again.  Adam took one for the team and kept him busy while Frank and I escaped.  Then the guy told him, “You don’t have to entertain me, you can go.”  And in my favorite line of the night, Adam said, “No, I don’t think I can.  I think you’re probably going to follow me.”  It caught the guy off guard and Adam was also able to escape.  Thank goodness.
Then we finally found the rest of our group and headed back to the drink tent.  We hung out, danced a little and took some pictures. 

Okay... we obviously didn't take that last one... some drunk old guy with a camera did, but then handed us a card and said we could get a free download.  Cool.  Too bad Adam wasn't in the picutre... it would have been nice to get the whole group.  Oh well... he was off celebrating the fact that he just passed the bar exam.  Good for him.
They closed Oktoberfest down at midnight and we left.  On the way out, we saw this old guy driving a six-seater golf cart and asked him for a ride, fully expecting him to say no… but he said yes!  He quickly became the coolest guy ever.  We parked across the street from the festival grounds, so it was quite a long drive from the tents to the front entrance where the car was, but he took us the whole way.  He was a sweet guy.  And that’s just proof that it never hurts to ask.  J
I drove us home, but not until after we found this great new set of wheels for Amanda. 
AB's new wheels...
It was there when we went in and it was still lying in the grass when we left, so we decided it was meant to be.  It needed a new home and it was just her size.  J
Once we got back to Frank and Amanda’s apartment, we all stayed up a talked for another couple hours before crashing.  I enjoyed the fun time with my friends.  I really need to make an effort to come visit them more often. 
Sunday morning came early.  I got up and showered and got ready, trying hard not to wake anyone.  Then I wrote a little goodbye note and headed home.  I made it back to Broken Arrow in time for the 11:00 church service and then went to my soccer game in Jenks.  It was the first game of the season.  It was good to see all my teammates again and even though we didn’t win, L we didn’t do horrible either.  I did get kicked in the toe, and I’m pretty sure it will result in a lost toenail… again… let’s just hope it grows back again.  I’m going to be brave tonight and try drilling a hole in it to relieve the pressure.  Yikes!  It’s going to hurt, but if it means saving the nail, I’m for it.  I looked ridiculous without a big toe nail for eight months the last time this happened. 
Anyway, we had no subs in our game, I played left mid the whole time, which is not my best position, but minus the longest 40-minute halves of my life, the exhaustion caused by being out of shape and the hurt toe, it was fun.  My friend, Ian, even came to watch.  Poor guy, it wasn’t much of a show, I think for a little bit, he took a nap in the grass, but who can blame him. 
After the game I came home, took a much-needed shower and an even more-needed nap.  Then I got up, got dressed and headed to Catoosa, where I met my friend, Caleb, for dinner.  He’s the one who hurt his foot a few blogs back.  He’s still hurt, which sucks.  He crutched his way into the restaurant.  It’s been a while since we’ve got to hang out, so we had a nice visit.  Then, after making a quick run by the grocery store, I headed home.  It was early, but I was still so tired, so I put on my pjs, brushed my teeth, grabbed my book and read until I started to doze off. 
All in all, it was a very fun, pretty relaxing and nice break from my usual routine.  Now, if only I didn’t have to go back to work… Oh well, at the end of this crazy busy week, I get to go to Milwaukee, which I’m pretty excited about for a number of reasons, so I think I can make it.  J

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