Friday, August 12, 2011

Who knew it was monsoon season...

Holy moly!
Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE that it finally rained… but did it have to all come at once?  I took an early lunch today (which was clearly a mistake) to go and run some errands.  I seriously look like I just swam back to work.  No really… my hair is soaked, what little makeup I actually wore to work today is gone and my jeans are holding more water than if I had just pulled them out of the washing machine.  Thank goodness for the space heater under my desk.  I’m about to freeze to death. 
The good news is I stopped by Pixley’s (shop local, yay!) and bought the last of the sheetrock for my living room ceiling and the plywood to floor my attic.  That means I’m serious about the project.  Now that I have actually invested a fair amount of money into that new ceiling, it will happen… soon.  And I can’t wait. 
Now… if the monsoon would ever subside so that they could deliver my materials…
Oh well, in the meantime it’s back to work so I can try to get out of here and get started a little early on the bachelorette pad.  My mom and Aunt Kathy are coming over tomorrow to lend a helping hand.  I think I’m at the ready to take pictures stage, so I will give you guys an update after the weekend.  Send happy thoughts our way.  J

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