Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fridays are for Fish, Family and Fun...

I know I’ve been slacking on the blog… sorry about that.  It’s been a crazy busy week.  I’m waiting on some pics from the family float trip Saturday so I can tell you all about it, but in the meantime, I’ll tell you about Friday night. 
After work I headed to Grandpa and Grandma’s house to meet the family.  Once a month there is a big dinner at Moore’s Fish Farm in Inola, and my family never misses it.  So we headed that way just after 5:30… my grandparents, mom, sister, brother-in-law and their kids, my mom’s best friend Kelly and her boyfriend, my Aunt Kathy and my cousin, Austin, and his girlfriend Samantha.  It’s a family affair.  And usually we also have my other aunt, uncle and set of cousins too.  But my cousin, Derek, got busted in the face playing basketball and had to go get stitches.  Party foul.  Anyway, we loaded up into three cars and hit the road.  We enjoyed lots of fried catfish, barbeque, and all the fixings, topped off with ice cream and cobbler before heading home.  Good stuff. 
I took a very quick power nap before getting in the shower, making myself presentable and putting on my dancing shoes for a Woods girls night out.
My beautiful sisters.
My little sister, Lauren, is spending her summer in California doing her internship with the US Department of Defense.  She’s a smarty pants rocket scientist.  Yes, a real one.  Anyway, she has been in this little town in the middle of nowhere in California (the hot, boring desert part… not the pretty mountain or fun beach part).  So when she came to Oklahoma for a 40-hour long visit this weekend, it was seriously like a vacation for her.  She flew in Friday for her friend Jesse’s bachelorette party.  They were going to eat and then to Friction for some dancing.  Since she had flown 1500 miles already, my older sister Sarah and I decided that we could meet her at Friction for a little sister time.  It was, after all, Sarah’s birthday as well and I, after all, love to dance.  And with Lauren living in Fayetteville, Sarah busy with her two amazing kiddos and my stupid busy schedule, it’s rare that the three of us get to do anything together unless it’s group family stuff (like the fish fry).  We don’t often have a sisters night out.  So Sarah and I were bachelorette party crashers.  J
I taught them this trick. :)
My brother-in-law Robbie came with us as well… I’m sure he loved being the only guy at a bachelorette party.  J 
Robbie & Sarah
But Brett met up with us a little later.  We had a fun time and danced the night away. 
You can't tell, but this was actually taken mid dance.  :)
I almost forgot how much I love dancing.  I’ve never been a big fan of the club life.  And I hate smoky bars.  But I LOVE to dance.  And sometimes, my heart just needs it.  I once heard a quote that went something like, “There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good.”  I’m not sure if I got that right word for word, but you get the idea.  I think it’s true.
Awww… family pic… aren’t we cute.  If only Walter Talkie could have been there. 
I love my family.  :)
The night was an interesting one.  We got there late.  There was some extreme discomfort related to something out of my control.  I got absorbed in a phone call that kept me away from the party for a bit.  When I came back, my best friend showed up to make me feel better.  Sarah tried to fight what she called an oompla loompa.  Robbie’s broken foot was not ideal for the dance floor so he and Sarah went home early.  The bachelorette party checked out shortly after.  Lauren stayed for a sing-a-long with the band before she left.  Brett and I stayed for a couple more dances before heading out.  Not quite the sisters night out we’d expected, but it just goes to support my theory… life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here we should dance.  J

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