Friday, July 22, 2011

I like food...

So... I never got my desk cleaned off… bummer.  And I almost thought I might have to skip another day on the blog since I worked until 10:00 last night and didn’t have time to write anything up before bed.  Once I get sucked back into City Hall, there is usually no time to write.  But I finally had a few minutes, so I decided not to let you down. J  Well, don’t get too excited… after you have read this you may be more let down then if I had just skipped a day...   
Today I’m writing a short essay on why I work…
I like food.
That is all.
This morning I ate two eggs over medium with wheat toast and strawberry jelly… yummy.  Brett’s mom was in town visiting so we went to breakfast at Boomarang before she headed home.  Today for lunch I had Reese’s puffs cereal and Reese’s crème pie… okay, I lied… I had the pie first… don’t judge me.  Tonight I’m headed to Toby Keith’s for my friend Amber’s 30th birthday dinner where I will eat even more delicious food.  Then I will finish off the night at a movie with my friends Matt and Caleb where I will no doubt get more Reese’s... this time in pieces form… and an Icee.  My typical movie treats.  J
The only other thing I have done in the last 24 hours besides eat, sleep and shower… is work.  I worked a 12-hour day yesterday and today I’m wrapping up hour eight as I type… two very long, busy days.  So I have determined that all I do is work and eat… so in effect, I work to eat. 
Tomorrow morning I have to go to Tulsa for a quick work-related thing (see… more work) and then to Foyil for our family reunion (where there will no doubt be more food), and finally back to Claremore for Courtney and Justin’s wedding (um… wedding cake?  Yes please!).
I’m sure between the birthday festivities and Captain America I will have something to blog about tomorrow.  I promise it will be better then today.  I mean it can only go up from here, right?  J
Have a safe and happy Friday!

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