Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My hands still itch...

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was a princess….
That’s who I was yesterday.  A normal girl might feel special if someone were to send her flowers, pick her up in a fancy car and whisk her away to an expensive restaurant or an exotic vacation.  Not me… I feel special when someone crawls up in my 125-degree attic, rolls around in nasty blown-in fiberglass insulation, fills and empties my shop vac with that insulation 37 times (thank goodness I bought that thing), bags it all up and promises to come back to help me finish.  All this AFTER he paid for my dinner, took me to get a big trashcan from the hardware store (since it wouldn’t fit in Kit) and rented me a movie to watch when the work was done.  A very special thanks to my friend Brett... for everything... except leaving his disgustly sweaty and fiberlglass insulation-covered clothes for me to wash... I guess it IS only fair... J
So, there’s a brief update on the construction project... with Brett’s help, I was able to clean out MOST of the attic over the ceiling I want to tear down in the living room.  Big step.  I’ll have to spend one more night vacuuming up insulation in the attic and then bring all of the bags down to the curb.  Then the lath and plaster will come down and the new sheetrock will go up.  Get excited.  J
I’m hoping to get the sheetrock work done next week sometime, which is the hold up on getting the rest of the living room finished.  Once it goes up, I can texture walls and ceiling, paint, rip up carpet and refinish floors.  Yay!  So Princess Cassie is feeling pretty good about her September 15th deadline. 
No work is planned for tonight… I’m off to church for some much-needed time with Jesus.  But it won’t be long, I promise.  Pictures will be coming soon (the attic isn’t that exciting to look at) but when I start tearing out that plaster, it should make for some good photo opportunities. 
Random change of subject… if you didn’t already see this on my facebook… try this.  It’s fun.  J
1 - Open Google Maps (directions).
2 - Type China as your starting point.
3 - Type Taiwan as your destination.
4 - Read step 48.
5 - When you stop laughing, share it with someone else.

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