Thursday, July 28, 2011

Please do not throw poop at me...

I want to start off with a Happy Birthday shout out to my friend Kelly!  Welcome to the last year of your 20s.  J  That being said, I’m so glad it’s Thursday… that means tomorrow is Friday… which means I will be on the road to visit Kelly and her adorable kiddos for a fun-filled trip to Silver Dollar City.  J
This week has all really run together, but was overall a productive and fun week in the world of Cassie.  Okay… mostly fun, with one productive day… but that’s important sometimes, right?  I was making up for the 63 hours I worked last week.  PS… I’m sorry I missed the blog yesterday… I’m a loser and I have no excuse… I’m just sorry.
Monday it was back to work… just living the dream... blah, blah, blah.  No actually, I was able to clear some of that mess off my desk and get caught up on quite a bit of stuff.  I have even been able to get through some of the emails in my ever-growing inbox.  I can now see six days worth of emails in the double pane view of Microsoft Outlook.  That’s a big improvement over the six hours worth I could see on Monday.  I did whatever task was associated with all those emails and then deleted them.  It was like a weight lifted off my shoulders.  J
Monday evening I drove over to Pryor to meet Brett at his office.  He had to go to Tahlequah and had asked me to ride.  I needed to pick up a textbook for the class I will be teaching at NSUBA in the fall anyway, so I agreed… unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pick up the book. L  But they did put one on hold for me in Broken Arrow… Anyways, the drive was nice.  Brett wants to take a canoe on the upper Illinois River and go fishing soon, so we took a detour on our way there to check out a spot one of his patients suggested.  It was nice, calm and quiet.  Seems like a good fishing spot… I really know nothing about fishing… I make that assessment based solely on the fact that I saw a fish jump out of the water when we were there.  J
After we got lost and then finally found our way out of the backwoods between Locust Grove and Peggs, we headed on to Tahlequah.  First stop, the College of Optometry and the reason for our visit.  Brett had a school screening Tuesday and was borrowing the acuity chart from the school… at least I think that’s what it was called… though it comes in a big box, so the word “chart” doesn’t seem to be an adequate description…. but what do I know.  Brett thinks he’s cool because he still has a key to the building so we roamed the halls for a bit, grabbed the “chart” and left.  On the way out, we passed a fountain… Brett told me a story about how when he was in undergrad and he worked for the maintenance guy at the College of Optometry, he somehow managed to turn the water on in the fountain and leave it running all night sending all the goldfish into the parking lot without even knowing it… and that was his first day on the job… it’s a good thing he’s pretty. J
We left there on a hunt for food.  It was well past time to feed the Cassie.  We decided on Mexican and I inaccurately convinced Brett that Chilango’s had the white sauce like the El Chico in Muskogee, so we went there.  No white sauce… so sad.  L  But the food was pretty good.  And we had laffy taffys for dessert from the plastic containers by the register.  J
We made one last drive through campus, stopped for gas at Dano’s and took one last trip down memory lane for Brett to drive by his old trailer.  He still gets a little teary-eyed when we drive through the trailerhood.  J  We had a nice talk on the drive home.  I always enjoy his company.  He dropped me back off at Kit in Pryor and I went home… all in all, Monday was a good day.
Tuesday was my productive day… I worked all day, hit the gym to teach a little cycling class and then finished cleaning out the insulation in my attic.  Brett was there when I got off work to volunteer his army crawling while shop vaccing skills.  He’s such a good helper.  I took him to eat a delicious chicken fried chicken at Buddy’s grill as payment for the torture I was about to put him through.  Finally at about 8:00pm, we decided it was cool enough to get to work.  Two hours, 12 bags of blown-in insulation and four itchy arms later, the attic is clean and ready for me to knock the living room ceiling out.  Yay! 
After work yesterday I went home to change and wash all the insulation-covered clothes from the night before and then I met my friend Caleb for a trip to Tulsa.  We went to PF Changs for dinner.  I love that place.  The first time I ever ate at PF Changs was my 21st birthday.  Prior to that, I was convinced that I hated all forms of Asian food.  But some friends talked me into going and, what do you know, I loved it.  And I still do.  So Caleb treated me to some crispy honey chicken and Mongolian beef.  Yummy! 
We left Utica Square with no plan… we tossed around the options of going to see a movie or going to play mini golf.  While the mini golf sounded fun, we ultimately decided on the movie.  Unfortunately, due to all the movies I have seen in the past couple weeks, there were only two showing that I hadn’t seen yet… and Caleb just wasn’t feeling Winnie the Pooh.  So we headed over to AMC to catch Zookeeper.  It was a good thing it was kind of funny… because really, it was just stupid.  I did laugh quite a few times though and was so glad that it did seem to have a moral to the story in the end… it was be yourself, no matter what anyone else wants you to be, you will never truly be happy unless you are comfortable with who you are.  My favorite line… Donald the monkey (voiced by Adam Sandler)'s advice on how to get the girl… “Throw poop at her.”  Trust me guys… this will NOT work…

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  1. haha...I read the title...and then read through the blog post...and I was wondering when you were going to explain the poop throwing :)