Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Let me introduce myself...

So… I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time… blogging that is… so here goes my first post.  For the last couple of days, I have wondered aimlessly through tons of articles on how to start a blog and all it has helped me do is realize that I have no idea what I am doing.  But that’s okay… I’ll wing it.  Hopefully you can hang in there long enough for me to figure it out.  J
A few things you should know about me…
… I consider myself a jack of all trades but a master of nothing… in other words, I know a little bit about a whole lot of stuff, but a whole lot about very little.  But it’s just enough to keep me busy and entertained.  I hope to invite you into my little corner of the world and the things that I value enough to spend time doing.
… I am super passionate about the things I care about.  I put my whole heart into almost everything I do and it definitely shows through in how I handle myself.  I can get easily worked up about the things I believe in and I’m never afraid to express my opinion (that’s where the sassy comes in).  This has come back to bite me many times, but more often than not it has earned me respect as someone who stands up for what they believe in no matter who opposes it.  I hope anyone who follows this blog learns to respect, and even enjoy, this about me.    
… I believe that a person cannot be held accountable to expectations that were never clearly defined to them.  If you want something in this life, you can’t be afraid to ask for it… especially if it’s from another person.  You have to tell people what you expect or you have absolutely no room to be upset when they let you down. 
… I am a planner.  Vacations with me are a clearly laid out itinerary of everything but down time.  I think out a plan of action for everything from remodeling my entire house one room at a time to getting everything on my grocery list without visiting the same aisle twice and never spending more than 20 minutes in the store.  I love to set goals, always in writing as I believe you are far more likely to accomplish something you’ve written down, and then watch myself accomplish the things I planned.  I am working on being more of a traveler in this life (who sees what she stumbles upon) then a tourist (who sees what she planned to visit) but so far, the OCD has taken over, and I’m failing at that. J
… I am a dreamer.  This trait is very dangerous when combined with being a planner.  I tend to think there is a clear path to anything I can dream up… and sometimes I make myself (and others) crazy trying to get there.  But even still, I love that I can dream.  I love that this world hasn’t brought me down low enough to believe there is anything I can’t do. 
… I love to write… whether it is letters or cards to friends and family, press releases for my work, editorials for the newspaper or just to-do lists for me.  Those of you who really know me know that writing is my outlet… and one of the few things at which I excel.  And I think I have lots of good stories to tell.  So this blog will be an eclectic mix of those stories, my projects, my work, my friends, my family… my sassy, classy life.  J 
… and finally, I really like using three periods in a row… I have no idea why.  It’s like a break in thought or a pause in speech that doesn’t quite merit finishing one sentence and starting a new one.  If you don’t like that kind of thing, you probably shouldn’t follow my blog… because you’ll see it a lot.  J  You’ll also see a lot of smiley faces.  I am a pretty sarcastic person and I have found it necessary to add a smiley from time to time so that things don’t get misinterpreted.  I am also a happy person who smiles a lot.  So when you can’t see my face, you’ll see me type what it looks like.  Just know that anytime you see a smiley in my blog you can bet that I am actually smiling.  J
And so… thus begins my journey… of taking this blog and making it something you’ll want to follow…

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  1. Love it, Cassie! I love the three periods, too. I think we had perfect sentence structure pounded into our heads in college so much that we feel the need to... you know... not finish our thoughts completely! I love how it gives your writing a conversational tone. Can't wait to read more!